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Everlast: Folsom Prison Blues

21st June


At long last, we can now hear Everlast’s mash-up cover of Johnny Cash’s legendary “Folsom Prison Blues,” which is slated to appear on his long-delayed new album, Love, War, and the Ghost of Whitey Ford. The album’s currently on deck for a September 24 release–which means absolutely nothing, of course, because the album has been on deck for a release for months to no avail, pissing Everlast off to no end and infecting his fans with a brutal case of rumor-mill blues. And that’s no fun at all–just ask AC/DC fans.

Improbable as it may sound, it turns out that Johnny and hip-hop go damned well together. That’s hardly surprising–the man did pull off completely convincing covers of tunes by Danzig, Soundgarden and NIN before he died. Now Everlast’s cover of Johnny is powerful and inspired, bringing new life to the country anthem with a full-bodied production that verges on overkill but, ultimately, walks the line between tact and bombast with stirring restraint (BTW: we proudly accept the “Worst Pun of the Year” award–we’d like to thank the academy, our mothers, and every bad joke ever told.)

Now if only we could get this fucking album in our hands! Good grief, Erik–you made music with a group called La Cosa Nostra, for Christ’s sake. Give the bastards an offer they can’t refuse, will ya? Check out the “Folsom Prison” cover here. Enjoy!