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Praise for Culturespill
“Some of the most luxurious writing in any audioblog. Period.” — Stella Splice, April 12, 2008

“A terrific music blog” — Local Vertical, April 19, 2008

Culturespill is the work of music lover, poet, author, sometime academic, foodie, freak, father, bowler, paranoiac and insomniac, Gianmarc Manzione. This used to be a regularly kept blog. Then Gianmarc got a job. And then he got a wife, and a baby, too. So now it’s not a regularly kept blog. It’s hardly kept at all these days, and that’s the fate of many music bloggers who sprang up around and before this one did in 2008. But Gianmarc, who is typing this revised “about” section and realizing–but not understanding at all why–that he is speaking of himself in the third person, does dust this thing off now and then and poke away at it when he hears something he loves and also somehow finds time to do something about that, usually in the middle of the night (He’s writing this, for instance, after midnight). So, who knows, if somehow you find something here that isn’t a complete waste of your time, he may post something new that is guaranteed to be a waste of your time at a later date. So come back once or twice a year. You never know.

Gianmarc’s personal website–oh, so very personal–is at You can find out more about his work aside from this blog, like new books, other writing and rambling, and assorted additional dorkdom.